Interior Painting

Rosas Painting guarantees the quality of your new home’s look through full interior painting service. We take care of color consultation to adding finishing textural touches and make sure the walls are delivered the way you wanted.

Our technical painting ability is what sets us apart, making our interior painting customers appreciate the things we do that make a difference in their lives. It is one of our attributes that we completely protect the client’s furniture making sure that we don’t leave a single speck of paint on the floor or the furniture when we are done-Rosas Paintings and Coatings, is committed to delivering quality service.

Exterior Painting

Wind and weather are the biggest enemies of the exterior paint of your home. Rosas painting, for the most part, has the right answer to provide long-lasting, attractive finishes for the exterior of homes. Exterior painting is about realizing the fact that it is about two things – quality materials and flawless execution. Rosas Painting and Coatings excels at both.

Whether it is about decorating exterior walls, a deck, or anything else, we only use the best possible paints and weatherproofing materials. This may come across to some people as a more upfront cost, but the quick decay of cheaper materials used ultimately results in spending more in the long run by having to repeat the exterior painting job.

We excel in our knowledge and ability to paint all types of exterior. Our team has painted nearly everything one can imagine, from bricks to concrete and from pools to garages.

Stucco Repairs

By taking into account repairs and regular maintenance, the stucco in a home last for several years. If one notices moisture seeping through the walls has begun to damage the stucco—causing it to either crack or deteriorate, this marks the time that a professional stucco repair team is contacted. Beyond just repairing the stucco though, Rosas Paintings & Coatings dedicated team also addresses issues with hard water that may be encountered within the plumbing system. Hard water can damage the home’s plumbing, which can lead to leaks down the line and further wall damage.


Stains are economical because of their maintenance, and they do a great job at resist cracking, peeling, and blistering when applied by expert hands. Rosas Paintings & Coatings offer staining which is easily applied and recoated, and surface preparation is usually minimal. Since with stains, primers are not always required; our staining services tend to be cheaper than painting services.

Acoustic Removal

The acoustic ceiling was also known as a popcorn ceiling; it used to be applied with a spraying machine and painted areas that may have flaws. They start the process by moving all large furniture or protecting it with wrap. Then plastic wrap is used to envelop the floor while the wood floors are double-wrapped to ensure there is a vapour barrier. Then plastic is used to separate the work area from actual home and items in it. Removal of the acoustic ceiling is followed by the careful removal of the plastic envelope which is disposed of at a designated EPA disposal site. The product is all the way removed down to the drywall, and then the walls are repaired if needed. Once finished, the area is painted the way the clients want.

Deck Refinishing

Wooden decks and patios need to be protected against rot and the elements by re-staining every few years. Since without regular reapplication, the old stain will start to wear away leaving the wood vulnerable to mould and parasites, insects, and even warping from UV light. If your deck was last stained a couple of years ago, its time for a re-stain. Rosas Painting and Coatings do more than just paint over the old coating. We remove traces of the previous stain, clean the wood, applying a long-lasting stain along with a top coat of sealant giving extra protection.

Wood Trim

Rosas Painting & Coatings replaces the old wood trim that adds a new look to the interior of the home with crown moulding, chair rail, window and door casing, railings, or any desired look, working professionally with both a traditional colonial or sleek, modern styles.

We start by exploring all the decorative moulding options helping to create the right look for space. Our competent professional’s plan, measure and immediately create an accurate estimate of the project. This, if further followed by the acceptance of our services, our team of quality installation specialists will fabricate an intricate custom design right in their shop. The installers will return to complete the project at the client’s earliest convenience.


Be it Installation or repair of cabinets, when rightly done; this can inject a new life into the design of a home. Rosas Painting & Coatings help in fixing of the peeling laminate of cabinets or they can add completely brand-new cabinets truly suiting your aesthetic. No matter the details, we finish the project on time and with utmost accuracy.

Wall Repairs

Walls are the part of your room that can make it feel drab or add immense aesthetic appeal-all depending upon how one chooses their walls to look like. Walls can be bland, have gaping holes in the drywall, or may require the addition of some pictures to bring them back to life, Rosas Painting & Coatings get all of these jobs done. We add a fresh coat of paint, handle wainscoting installation and even hang up a custom piece of artwork with professional precision. All of your wall services can be trusted with our home improvement team.

Concrete Stain

There is a special kind of chemical that is used to color concrete floors called Acid Stain. This stain is typically applied with a sprayer or brush. Upon hitting the concrete surface, the acid stain immediately starts a chemical reaction with the substance on the concrete floor. The colors produced by acid stain are created from a chemical reaction in the actual concrete itself, unlike the regular paints, resulting in a permanent floor coloring that is resistant to fading and chipping.

Power Washing

Washing away dirt, algae, and winter grime prolongs the life of the home’s surfaces. Salt, sand, algae, and moss all have the potential to damage wood, black-top, concrete, paving, and siding over time. A power wash completed by Rosas Painting & Coatings can keep all these surfaces in their best possible shape.

Elastomeric coating

Elastomeric coating is a high-grade exterior coating that is approximately ten times thicker than paint. This makes it an incredibly thick yet flexible coating that helps waterproof the exterior of a construction. The hairline cracks are bridged by elastomeric coating to complete an airtight, waterproof seal. This makes it a suitable material to be used on surfaces such as stucco, concrete, masonry, and others. Walls, as well as roofs, can be benefitted from elastomeric coating alike. Rosas Painting & Coatings apply the elastomeric coating in liquid form which is when dried completely, hardens, and bonds to the structure and at the same time being flexible, moving, bending and let the structure underneath move, bend and flex. Elastomeric coating is chemical and mildew. It retains its color very well for long-term. This makes it perfect to maintain the appealing look of the exterior of the building and hiding the less appealing look of damage, wear, and tear.

Other residential services offered by us are:

  • Speciality coatings
  • Texture
  • Paperhanging
  • New construction
  • Remodelling