As a professional commercial painting service, Rosas Painting & Coating work with facility managers, project manager or designer make sure no detail is spared turning every project into a success. We pay special attention to tight timelines and tackle every project with quality craftsmanship and materials so our clients can focus on what they do best.

We have highly specialized professionals who have in-depth product knowledge and educational know-how to efficiently complete commercial or industrial painting project on time, with excellent artistry.

We provide the following renovating services for industrial sector:

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting differs from residential painting due to several reasons. Firstly, larger spaces require more workers to make sure the job is completed on time. It is thus, imperative that commercial painting companies employ a large number of painters for the timely completion of the job. Secondly, a commercial painter typically has more experience than a residential painter because it takes a skilled commercial painting contractor with significant experience and endurance to paint an entire warehouse with properly trained team of people. The team of Rosas Painting & Coating possessing all these qualities have been successfully providing commercial painting services to the following:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Homeowner associations
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement centres
  • High rise
  • Industrial buildings
  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • Office complexes
  • Resorts
  • Hotel Complexes

Industrial Floor Coatings

The need for industrial floor coating arises because virtually every facility has at least one area where the floors are subjected to heavy loads, high impact or conditions causing extreme abrasions. This makes the proper industrial concrete floor systems imperative otherwise concrete slab surface is liable to crack, buckle or deteriorate under these rough conditions, developing divots and fractures which, in turns, resulting in more costly repairs down the line.

Installation of heavy duty epoxy flooring & coatings by Rosas Painting & Coating, the traffic surface is provided with the strength it needs to sustain the extreme pressure and heavy use. Their industrial concrete floor systems make sure that the slab subjected to pressures is protected in harsh conditions.

Graffiti Control

Graffiti on public property continues to be a problem in many jurisdictions. Some like to consider graffiti as vandalism scaring the community, hurting property values and diminishing quality of life. Rosas Painting & Coating maintain many private properties throughout California using various techniques for graffiti removal and abatement including, painting it out with a suitable color match, chemical removal, pressure washing where needed and sacrificial and permanent coatings as well. Having years of experience in removing graffiti, we realize that no one graffiti problem is the same. We assess the nature of the problem, providing a solution that works best for the graffiti at hand. We specialize in eradicating graffiti from all common surfaces including brick walls, stone walls, glass, perspex, wooden or metal surfaces. Using highly specific cleaning products, we remove the graffiti without harming the eco-system in completely nonhazardous ways.

Fire Protective and Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings for structural steel, are the tried and tested passive way of protecting buildings and ultimately people and lives. Rosas Paintings & Coatings intumescent coatings have been exhaustively tested both in their expert laboratories and also by the national and international standards in independent testing houses all over the world.

Decorative and Stained Floor Coatings

Concrete staining remains crucial for strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness for a variety of applications including interior floors, walkways, patios, garage floors, driveways, and commercial floors. Rosas Paintings & Coatings concrete staining adds a great artistic aspect to any surface to which it is applied. No two concrete slab is the same, and this adds to the artistic beauty of stained concrete floors. Our concrete artists are specially trained to give the floor a beautiful decorative concrete finish. Decorative finishes can be applied to existing or new slabs.

Steel Structural Coatings

Structural coatings for steel structures have developed over the years to comply with the legislation within industrial environments and in response to demands from bridge and structure owners for improved durability and performance. The method of application of coating systems and the conditions of application affect the quality and durability of the coating significantly. Rosas Paintings & Coatings uses standard methods to apply paints to structural steelwork including application by brush, roller, conventional air spray and airless sprayor electrostatic airless spray.


Waterblasting refers to the use of high-pressure water for cleaning. Water blasting is a crucial part of the cleanup process. Rosas Paintings & Coatings achieve sufficient cleaning up by combining high pressure, high volume and high temperature cleaning up some of the toughest materials in a facility. We are highly updated with the advantage of this technology. This has made them add the newest water blasting equipment, invested in state-of-the-art accessories and spending the time necessary to ensure that our technicians are expertly trained.